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Monthly Support

One Flat Rate for UNLIMITED Computer Support – Stop putting off problems nagging the back of your mind with that question, “How much is this going to cost us?” and enroll in our UNLIMITED monthly computer support. With Securiis as your IT Specialists, you can deal with problems as they happen without worrying about the cost.

Peace Of Mind Monitoring and Support – Intrusions and failures can happen at any time. Let Securiis be your vigilant guardian, monitoring and providing rapid response to threats and mishaps. Our proactive 24/7 monitoring approach detects many issues before they become major problems saving you time and money.

Dedicated & Certified IT Team – Preschedule daily/weekly/biweekly/monthly onsite visits and enjoy 24/7 Help Desk Support without incurring hourly costs. When it comes to your business IT, a dedicated and certified staff matters.

Computer Support

Hardware Upgrades & Repairs – As technology advances so do hardware requirements which makes keeping your equipment up to date crucial to growing your business. Securiis specializes in certified hardware installation, upgrades, and refreshes.

Data Migration – Whether you’re upgrading your equipment, migrating to a new database system, or joining the cloud – we can help. Our data migration services make changes, big and small, smooth and painless, securing your important data and making sure none is lost.

Virtualization – Going virtual is the best way to lower expanding operating costs while adding greater security and implementing a disaster recovery plan. Reducing the number of isolated servers allows you to extend the longevity of old applications, retire old equipment, and go green by lowering power consumption and e-waste.

Onsite / Offsite Support

Pay for only the time you use – Not needing a lot of frequent support?  No problem, we offer affordable IT Services billed per service.

After Hours Emergency Support – We’ve got you covered after hours.  We have a four hour response time at 1.5x our normal hourly rate.

24/7 Proactive Monitoring – We offer around the clock cyber security detection and prevention services for all of your data security needs from websites, web applications, wired, wireless, virtual and cloud networks, to device and data encryption.

Disaster Recovery Planning – As with everything in life – accidents happen. In the business world this can come in the form of equipment failure, data corruption, natural disasters, and cyber criminals. It’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN something happens to your organization. Securiis specializes in Disaster Recovery Planning.  Let us prepare you for what hasn’t happened yet so you and your clients can rest assured.

Tunnel Security – Virtual Private Networks enable your organization to work remotely, independently from different locations, but what happens with all that data traversing the internet? In order for it to be secure, data professionals use a technique called Tunneling which encapsulates your data with an extra layer of encrypted data, masking it and encrypting, keeping it safe from point-to-point.

Data Encryption & Backups – In the event that a bad guy does get a hold of your data whether it be a physical copy or from a network intrusion, your top priority is to make sure he can’t do anything with it.  That’s where data encryption comes in.  Properly encrypted hard drives, emails, and portable storage – such as flash drives – makes it so that only people with the proper key have access. We are experts in encryption, let us help.

Cyber Security – Attacks come in hundreds of forms from viruses, to trojans, worms, cross-site scripting, sql injection attacks, and more. It’s not good enough anymore to simply have a good antivirus program. You need a team of trained and dedicated cyber security professionals to not only keep your network and devices up-to-date with the latest security features, but on-call to respond quickly to threats and vulnerabilities as they come.  Remember it’s not IF you get hacked, but WHEN.