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Network Services

Virtual Private Networking – VPN’s allow companies to create secure, remote networks to keep their business data private while allowing the flexibility of accessing company resources online.We’re experts in setting up and managing virtual private networks. We can guide you through the entire process.

Network Optimization – Is your business growing faster than your network can keep up? Business networks all the way from individual workstations up to your primary servers can get bogged down with traffic quickly. Network optimization is the practice of analyzing existing network usage, projecting future growth, and then providing solutions to manage traffic and increase your up time.

Offsite Data Backup – Our fully encrypted, enterprise level offsite data backup service protects your data by creating a backup grid with end-to-end protection so your private data is never exposed.We backup both physical and cloud servers with file level restoration capability.

Assisted IT Planning – Let Securiis be your systems administration staff.  We can help design, implement, and maintain your corporate network from the ground up. Many businesses have transitioned to long-term outside IT relationships as a way to save on costs and ensure consistency year to year.

24/7 Network Monitoring – Our Network Intrusion Detection System allows us to provide real-time monitoring and fast response to threats no matter the hour.

Hosting Services

Domain Registration and Web Hosting – Without these, your site wouldn’t be visible. We offer fast, reliable, and affordable service to help you build your web presence.

Email Hosting – yourname@yourcompany.com Need a Microsoft Exchange Server or basic corporate email addresses? Securiis has you covered for all of your email needs.

Content Filtering – Keep your business network usage secure and appropriate for business through the use of our content filtering service. We can design a plan according to your specifications limiting internet traffic on your network to approved areas of the web and nowhere else.

Spam Prevention – Spam Emails are on the rise, skyrocketing to new heights of wasted man hours as employees lose emails and time in a sea of spam. Kasperskey Antivirus alone saw an increase from 5 million detected spam emails to over 22 million in just one business quarter!  Securiis has the expertise to keep your network free of spam, leaving your time for what it is meant for – business. (source)